White Cashmere
- Jun 07, 2017 -

1. Color: color light green and gray, can not have varicose hair chuck, or to Qinghua prices. The color ratio of the velvet is 150%.

2. Origin: Mongolia Autonomous Region is China's famous white cashmere producing areas, produced in the Ordos City Etuokeqi, Etuokeqianqi, Hangjinqi, Zhungeer flag, Dalat flag, Pakistan Union Wulate, after , The former flag, Dengkou County, the Arab League A left, right flag and Ejina flag and so on. In April 1988, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Government accepted the "Inner Mongolia white cashmere goat" new varieties, the number of about 4 million.

3. Features: fiber slender, strong pull, weak, good net cashmere rate, color was crystal sugar. Baotou white cashmere was sub-white, fiber slender, large pull, luster for the Inner Mongolia cashmere in the best quality, is the famous white cashmere origin, produced in the Xilin Gol League Duolun cashmere, Zhaowu Da's Hada velvet green White, fiber slender, strong resistance, good luster, softness than the above velvet slightly worse, such as Yingkou, cover county, Tongliao, Qinghai, Liuyuan, Tibet, Hami also produced white cashmere. As these areas are dry climate, the amount of sand containing less sand, so high cashmere.