The Method Of Buying Cashmere Tips
- Jun 07, 2017 -

See a trademark. According to regulations, cashmere sweater logo should indicate the cashmere content. The higher the cashmere content, the more expensive the price. Particularly noteworthy is that the state provides cashmere sweater with cashmere must be more than 30%, known as cashmere sweater, more than 95% can be marked 100% cashmere sweater.

2. Strong abrasion resistance. Because of the cashmere and wool blended products, than pure cashmere firm wear, so the general proportion of wool to a more solid; pure cashmere expensive, but not strong enough, wear resistance is also worse than wool sweater.

3. Specific weight. The same size of the cashmere sweater and sweater contrast, the former was significantly lighter than the latter.

4. Some manufacturers use worsted round machine knitted fabric, after the cut, made of sweaters, posing as cashmere sweater, this sweater feel thick and soft, and cashmere sweater thin and light characteristics of the very different, should pay attention to identification.

On the market why there are ultra-low-priced cashmere sweater, the relevant person that a genuine cashmere sweater, because broken code, broken number, style outdated, price sales; there is a blended, a certain percentage of cashmere wool, cashmere The lower the price, the lower the price; the worst one is simply not cashmere, good point is to take a cotton sweater posing (cashmere for cashmere, sheep lint), poor even the wool content is not high.