For You To Introduce The Production Process Of Combing
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Carding is the use of cover plate or roller carding machine, with the needle movement, the small cotton combed into a single fiber state, to further remove impurities and non-spinning short fiber, so that the fiber parallel straight, and finally made of sliver Into the barrel.

After the processing of cotton and cotton processing, lap or loose cotton fibers are loose loose cotton, cotton beam state, and contains 40% to 50% of the impurities, most of which is small, strong adhesion of the fiber Impurities (such as fiber seeds, seed, soft seed epidermis, neps, etc.), it is necessary to completely break down the fiber bundle into a single fiber, remove the residual impurities in the small, so that the fiber with cotton fiber in a single fiber state Under the full mix, made of uniform sliver to meet the requirements of the process after the road.

(A) carding in the damage as little as possible under the premise of the fiber, the cotton layer to carry out a detailed and thorough carding, so that the bundle of fibers separated into a single fiber state.

(B) removal of impurities in the full separation of fiber on the basis of the complete removal of residual impurities.

(C) uniform mixing of the fibers in a single fiber state fully mixed and evenly distributed.

(D) into a certain size and quality requirements of the uniform sliver and a regular circle on the sliver tube.

The task of the carding process is done by the carding machine. The degree of the cotton fiber being separated into the single fiber is closely related to the strength and the lining of the yarn. The effect of the removing effect is determined to a large extent. Yarn of the cotton knot impurities and the bar; card in the carding system in the single machine in the cotton rate of the most, and the cotton contains a certain amount of spun fiber, so the number and quality of carding cotton directly with the use of Cotton related.