Easter Knitting Patterns
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Easter is right around the corner. If you celebrate, there’s no time like the present to make a few little things for the holiday. We’ve collected a free Easter knitting pattern to make for decorating or celebrating.


These simple Easter eggs won’t go bad or crack if you drop them. You can knit them up with an aran weight yarn in a range of springy shades.


Stitches used:

Sl.st. = Slip stitch

Sc. = Single crochet

Ch. = Chain

The number of stitches is indicated between (     ) at the end of each round.



Crochet hook 2 mm


Stitch ring markers

Tip: *It is helpful to use stitch ring markers to indicate the beginning of each round. This is put in the 1st sc. of your round, and is taken up each round.



Round 1:           Sc. 6 in a magic ring or start the following way; Ch. 2, sc. 6 in the 1st ch., sl.st. 1 in the 1st sc. (6).

Round 2:                           Sc. 2 in each sts. (12).

Round 3:                           Sc. 2 in each 2nd st. (18).

Round 4:         Sc. 18 (18).

Round 5:                           Sc. 2 in each 3rd st. (24).

Rounds 6 - 10:                  Sc. 24 each round (24).

Round 11:                          Decrease 6 sts. Sc. each 3rd and 4th st. tog. (18).

Rounds 12 and 13:           Sc. 18 each round (18).

Round 14:                         Decrease 6 sts. Sc. each 2nd and 3rd st. tog. (12).


Stuff the egg firmly.


Rounds 15 and 16:           Sc. 12 each round (12).

Round 17:                         Decrease 6 sts. Sc. 2 tog., and repeat for all sts. Draw the end yarn through the last 6 sts. and pull it tight to close the hole.


Crochet the eggs in different colors or alternate colors in the different rounds, and if you want to you can embroider some cute decoration on it.


Attach a thread on the upper side of the egg to hang it in your Easter branch later on.

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