Describe The Superior Performance Of Cotton Fiber
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Cotton wool abrasive products, refers to the use of cotton (plant), hemp (plant) hair (animal body hair), through the production process, and made for polishing. Cotton and linen are temperate plants are grown out of the seeds of cotton and pyrene hemp seeds were taken down, after drying, the machine threshing, decomposition of seeds and cotton and linen, after the machine to suppress, after the textile into a line, cloth, Finally after dyeing, finished products. Italian craftsmanship is best known.

Cotton fiber, by the fertilized ovule epidermal cells by elongation, thickening of the seed fiber, different from the general bast fibers. Its main constituent is cellulose. Cellulose is a natural polymer compound with a chemical formula of (C6H10O5) n. Normal mature cotton cellulose content of about 94%. In addition, contain a small amount of more pentose sugar, wax, protein, fat, water-soluble substances, ash and other companions. As the cotton fiber has many excellent economic traits, making it the most important textile industry raw materials. High strength, good resistance to wrinkle, good stretch resistance; poor heat resistance, second only to hemp; poor acid resistance, alkali resistance at room temperature; the dye has a good affinity, easy dyeing, chromatography complete , Color is also more bright.