Application Of Fiber In Textile Industry
- Jun 07, 2017 -

Fibers are natural or synthetic filamentous substances. In modern life, the application of fiber everywhere, and it contains a lot of high-tech it Missiles need to prevent high temperature, embankment need to collapse, cement need anti-cracking, blood vessels and nerves need to repair, which are inseparable from the small body of the fiber "magic kid."

Wear comfortable, warm sunscreen, is our initial request for clothes, and now this request has been very easy to achieve. Seaweed carbon fiber made of clothes, wearing a long time to make human body friction to produce thermal reactions to promote the body's blood circulation, so heat storage, and anti-ultraviolet radiation fiber made clothes can reduce our summer umbrella trouble.

But people not only require a warm dress, but also increased the number of new requirements, the fiber can meet one by one: the past has been popular in the past "polyester cover cotton", "C cover cotton", fabric polyester cotton, because cotton and Skin affinity is good, and polyester and polypropylene strong wear and tear, easy to wash. New materials have a subversive change, you can "cotton cover polyester", "cotton cover C", a new type of antibacterial moisturizing fiber, woven fabric can make sweat through, but not attached, so sweat will be discharged to the outside Layer of cotton cloth, clothes body can be kept at any time dry ... ... ever-changing, just to help us wear more comfortable.

Flame retardant fiber is in the national "863" program research results based on the development of a flame retardant and anti-droplet performance of high-tech fiber new materials. The product uses a new generation of fiber flame retardant technology - sol gel technology, so that inorganic polymer flame retardants in the viscose fiber organic macromolecules in nano-state or interpenetrating network exists, both to ensure that the fiber excellent physical properties , But also to achieve a low smoke, non-toxic, no smell, no melting drip and other characteristics. The fiber and textile have both flame retardant, heat insulation and anti-droplet effect, its application performance, safety performance and value-added greatly improved, can be widely used in civil, industrial and military fields.