Rainbow Crochet Necktie Free Pattern for Father's Day
- May 29, 2018 -

It can be really tough to figure out what to crochet for the men in our lives. While some enjoy our crochet socks, scarves, and sweaters, others don't like them as much - or maybe they've just received so many from us that they need something new. How about a crochet necktie? This is the kind of fun present that a guy can be proud to wear - a little funky but also a neat handmade token of your affection.


The crochet necktie is the quintessential gift for Father's Day, so it's a great one to give to Dad then - and it also works for his birthday or Christmas. Dad will think of you every single time that he wears that tie or even notices it hanging in his closet. But the nice thing about this gift is that it doesn't have to be just for Dad; it is something that any guy in your life could receive; you can even make little ones for the boys you know. And, of course, there are women who like to wear neckties, too, so you might even find that these necktie crochet patterns will be suitable for them!


This terrific rainbow crochet necktie pattern is a free download on Ravelry in Erin Horanzy's pattern store. She used rainbow-hued self-striping yarn to create this bold design. Of course, you can use whatever yarn you'd like, so if Dad's style isn't bold enough for the rainbow you can choose a solid-colored yarn or a more muted variegated yarn for your own necktie.


The crochet pattern is a simple pattern based on the beautiful half double crochet stitch, relying on easy increases and decreases for the shaping. It's customizable so you can easily make this tie wider or thinner, longer or shorter, based on the style that you want to create for the person in your life. Make it short for boys, a little longer for women and full-sized for adult men.


Rainbow Crochet Necktie by Erin Horanzy, Ravelry


This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download