- May 25, 2018 -

So here are some stitch patterns to get you started, and every one will make a gorgeous towel. Blank squares are knit, dashed squares are purl. All charts are read right to left on odd rows, l to r on even rows. All of these patterns look great on either side.This is a simple stripe pattern of stockinette and seed stitch, that only requires any even number of stitches. It’s very flexible, and if you use seed stitch for the border, the seed stitch stripe will come floating out of the border if you make the border an even number of st on each side.


This is a simple garter block. The repeat is 10 st, and the last 5 are to balance the pattern. That is, this pattern has a repeat of 10 st plus 5.


This is a simple basket weave. It is a multiple of 8 st, plus 5, but not easy to see in the chart. So in the first 4 rows, the repeat returns from st 12 to st 6, and in rows 5-8 (WS row) goes from st 12 through st 6.


This is a pattern that is harder to “see” in a chart than in the knitting.This is a diagonal pattern, 4 st of knit or purl overlapped by one. This is easy to see in the chart, even though the repeat is a multiple of 8 st plus 6, which seems complicated. But it isn’t at all–once you have knit 3-4 rows, it will be a no-brainer.

So why not go for it? You’ll find these small towel projects are fun to knit, easy to carry around, and so appreciated if you gift them.