Everything You Need to Know When Crocheting for Babies
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Crocheting for babies is satisfying. The small size of the work means that you can finish projects quickly. The softness of the required yarn is a tactile pleasure. Plus, it is so satisfying to know that you’re helping a little one start out their life with the love from a handmade item. Whether you’re crocheting for your own baby, someone you know or to donate to charity, there are a few things that you should know when you start to crochet for little ones. With the right yarn, your efforts in baby crochet will go a long way.


Choosing Yarn for Baby Crochet

Although you can technically crochet items for babies using any yarn that you have available, it is best if you’re a little bit more selective when crocheting for little ones. You want to think about two main factors: what is going to feel best on baby’s skin and what is going to be most convenient for new parents. Yarn weight is a final thing to take into consideration.


Fiber Choices for Baby Crochet

Babies have that wonderful tender skin that is such a pleasure to brush against; we want to make sure that the fibers we use for them are kind to that skin! You want yarn that is super soft to the touch, something that won’t feel “scratchy” on even the youngest of skin. Cotton can be used for babies, as can other natural fibers, but more commonly you’ll find that baby yarn is made from a very soft acrylic.


Is This Yarn Healthy for Baby?

Many people are concerned about using synthetic yarn for babies because they want to keep their kids chemical-free. One of the things that you can look for is the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification. These yarns have been tested for (and are free of) 300+ potentially harmful substances, so you can feel safe using them. Our factory has many different yarns that have passed this test.


Washability is a Factor with Baby Crochet

There are so many wonderful soft yarn options out there but many of them require hand washing. As anyone who has cared for a baby knows, they get their items dirty quickly and often. Most new parents don’t want the extra hassle of hand washing all of their baby’s items, so it is important to make sure that you use yarn that can be washed (and ideally also dried) by machine. This is especially important when crocheting gifts or baby items for charity donations.


Yarn Weight for Babies

There are baby crochet items made in every weight of yarn, from the finest thread to the bulkiest roving. The thicker yarn options are a nice choice when making baby items that need to be really cozy, especially blankets and winter wear. When seeking a lighter option, go for a size 3 DK weight yarn in a comfortably soft fiber.


Keep it Safe for Baby

The key thing to keep in mind with both fiber and stitch choice is that you want this item to be comfortable and safe for the baby. Make sure there aren’t loose ends, embellishments that baby can tear off and stick in her mouth or any other little factors that make the item seem unsafe. When making toys, use embroidery for eyes instead of sewn-on ones, for example. When adding fringe to a blanket, make sure it’s thick and soft and not going to tear off easily.