- Apr 17, 2018 -

When you’re crafting, what fibers are you most likely to reach for? Many crafters have strong feelings about the content of the fibers they choose. Sometimes, this is due to sensitivities or allergies (which can be the case with wool or wool blends), but it may also be a lifestyle choice (i.e. only natural materials). But when it comes to acrylic yarn, there are plenty of myths floating around in the yarniverse! Here are 5 myths about acrylic yarn.


5 Myths

You may have read a blog or spoken with other crafters who’ve spread these 5 myths about acrylic yarns:

It’s itchy or uncomfortable to work with and wear.

It’s undyeable.

It doesn’t felt.

You can’t block acrylic FOs.

It pills.


While some of these myths might be based on a grain of truth, they don’t necessarily hold true for today’s acrylic yarns. Many of the issues that gave acrylic yarn a bad rap have changed as better and better yarns are created in response to crafters’ concerns!


Today’s acrylic yarns are soft to work with and wear, and have very easy care regiments. This makes them perfect for often-worn garments and baby projects! With their dye-ability and wide color palette, you can craft totally unique projects. Our website offers some gorgeous acrylic yarns that are beloved by our crafters. Go and find them.