100% Polyester Dyed Aran Fuzzy Velvet Ball Yarn

Name: 100% Polyester dyed aran fuzzy velvet ball yarn
Product Type: HT-0136
Brand:Lucky Weaver
Material: 100% Polyester
Ball Size: 50g / 50m
Gauge: 5-Bulky

Product Details

100% Polyester dyed aran fuzzy velvet ball yarn is a soft, hairy yarn. It is suitable for a variety of home décor and craft projects during the holiday season, and can be made or filled with toys throughout the year. The possibilities are endless! The texture of the velvet is deep and rich in color. 

100% Polyester dyed aran fuzzy velvet ball yarn has a heavy worsted or weight, suitable for fast weaving, comfortable hats and scarves! Just as the name implies, this novelty yarn is ridiculously soft and fluffy! It knits or crochets up into wonderful, easy care baby and children's garments and blankets.


1. Name: 100% Polyester dyed aran fuzzy velvet ball yarn

2. Product Type: HT-0136

3. Brand:Lucky Weaver

4. Material: 100% Polyester

5. Ball Size: 50g / 50m

6. Gauge: 5-Bulky

7. MOQ: 100kilogram / per color

8. Usage: for knitting socks, sweater and children DIY hand make.

9. Service: Free sample, OEM.

10. Certification: BSCI, OEKO-Tex


1. This yarn item is light and airy that work up quickly for baby garments, blankets and toys

2. Made of 100-percent polyamide

3. Knitting gauge is 12 stitches by 16 rows and crochet gauge 10 stitches by 10 rows

4. Available in multi colors

5. Measures 50m length

Production Process:

- Raw material: cotton ,acrylic, polyester, nylon, wool, alpaca, merino, mohair,linen,viscose fibers on so on.

- Spinning: twisting or crocheting

- Dying: we have our own dying factory, and our biggest dye vat can dye 3000 pounds one time. We can dye the yarn as customers' request, solid colors and print colors are both acceptable.

- Balling: We have about 20 balling production line, and the daily output can be about 6 tons.

- Skein: A rectangular shaped ball of yarn which often has a center-pull.

- Ball: A spherical ball of yarn.

- Packing: Brand labels around the balls. (customized). Then put the balls in a plastic bags, the quantity of the balls are customized, usually 5, 6,10,12 balls per bag. Bags are put into cartons for shipping.


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