Happy Bunny Cotton Yarn Animal Beginners Crochet Kit

Happy bunny cotton yarn animal beginners crochet kit includes 2.5mm crochet hook, a bottle of glue, a bag of PE foam(50g), 50g light pink color yarn ball and 20g dark pink color yarn ball (100% cotton yarn), Non-woven white fabric(9cm*9cm), 2 plastic eyes(7cm), 1 plastic nose (8mm).

Product Details

Happy bunny cotton yarn animal beginners crochet kit is ideal for improving crochet skills. Make this cute baby rabbit, including her cot. These kits feature beautiful little squares of 9 cm and are the perfect gift for those who want to start learning hooks or providing attractive handmade toys for hooks. Even if you don't know how to weave a crochet, the kit includes a basic booklet that teaches you everything you need. This set provides a great gift for people in your life!

This cute bunny toy was originally a square that was completely sewn with knitting stitches or garters. Then all you have to do is add an embroidered face and collect the squares to form a rabbit. It is great for making simple toys for kids or kids because you teach them how to weave! An interesting, new, whimsical yarn with continuous texture and color mixing, as well as coordinated features.


* 50g light pink color color yarn ball (100% cotton yarn 100g equals to 230m)

* 20g dark pink color yarn ball(100% cotton yarn 100g equals to 230m)

* Non-woven white fabric(9cm*9cm)

* 2 plastic eyes(7cm)

* 1 plastic nose (8mm)

* A bag of PE foam(50g)

* A guide pamphlet

* 2.5mm crochet hook, with plastic handle and metallic top.

* A bottle of glue, for paste the small accessories on the finished patterns.

Product Care:

1. There are three different ways to launder knitwear: hand-washing, machine-washing and dry cleaning. 

2. Before laundering, read the washing instructions on the ball band of the yarn. 

3. A decision like that could result in your beautiful knitted garment shrinking to doll size.

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