Acrylic Worsted Yarn

Name: Acrylic Worsted Yarn
Item Number: HT-1432
Brand:Lucky Weaver
Content: 100% Acrylic
Ball Size: 100g / 200m
MOQ: 100 kilogram / per color

Product Details

Versatile and economical, acrylic worsted yarn is a wear-resistant, medium-weight yarn that can be a miracle for projects that are essential for durability and ease of care. With so much flexibility and a range of bright, vibrant colors, acrylic worsted yarn offers you endless possibilities.

Acrylic worsted yarn is an easy-to-care worsted weight yarn with a wide range of shades. It is ideal for knitting and crocheting accessories, clothing and home decor projects. Can be used in a wide range of shades, including neutral, bright and mottled tones.

This luxurious, acrylic worsted yarn has a soft, smooth surface that excels in sweaters, accessories, and more! It is a luxurious worsted yarn with a smooth, soft finish. Acrylic worsted yarn offers defined stitches for knitting or crocheting for the perfect project. 


Name: Acrylic worsted yarn

Item Number: HT-1432

Brand:Lucky Weaver

Content: 100% Acrylic

Ball Size: 100g / 200m

MOQ: 100 kilogram / per color

Service: Samples, OEM.

Certification: BSCI, OEKO-Tex


1. Weight category: 4-Aran; 100-percent Acrylic; 100g; 200m.

2. High-quality worsted yarn with rich, vibrant colors.

3. With good washing performance and color palette, you can stimulate your imagination!

4. Anti-pilling acrylic makes it a great choice for soft, wearable items that you have treasured for years!

5. Used for knitting sweaters, scarves, mittens, carpets, bags, hats, slippers, shawls.

Production Process:

1. Spinning: twisting or crocheting

2. Dying: we have our own dying factory, and our biggest dye vat can dye 3000 pounds one time. We can dye the yarn as customers' request, solid colors and print colors are both acceptable.

3. Balling: We have about 20 balling production line, and the daily output can be about 6 tons.

4. Skein: A rectangular shaped ball of yarn which often has a center-pull.

5. Packing: Brand labels around the balls. (can use customers’ own label design). Then put the balls in a plastic bags, the quantity of the balls are customized, usually 5, 6,10,12 balls per bag. Bags are put into cartons for shipping.

Color Shades:

color card 1.jpg

color card 2.jpg

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